What’s the best sleeping position?

The body position itself can have a huge impact on our mood when we wake up. Let’s assume that we have a mattress for sleeping and a pillow well suited to our needs and preferences. Our spine should always be positioned as straight as possible, taking into account the whole body. Each sleeping position is different and has its advantages and disadvantages. There is no one universal and best for everyone. It is also worth remembering that some people, due to different spinal defects or diseases, may have special recommendations for sleeping positions. Sleep problems are very often linked to the inappropriate sleeping position, which may be due to improper habits, which nobody likes to change. It is worth remembering, however, that making a few changes can significantly translate into better sleeping comfort. In that case, what is the best sleeping position?

Sleeping on your stomach – definitely avoid it!

Try to teach you to sleep on your stomach or at least keep it to a minimum. When sleeping in this position, we press the lower parts of the stomach and the organs in it, which can lead to the stomach content being undone and heartburn manifested by a strong burning in the esophagus. We also put a lot of pressure on the neck and the lungs, which can cause hypoxia. We may have headaches and even ears. Being placed on your stomach while sleeping is not the healthiest sleeping position, it is worth changing your habits and sleeping on your side or back.

Sleeping on your side – probably the best sleeping position

A much better sleeping position is to lie on your side. If this is a very common sleeping position, it is a good idea to put a thin pillow between your legs to relieve strain on your spine. A slight contraction of the legs will allow you to relax more. However, if you have a pain in your hips, shoulders, hands or legs in this position, it is better to change your sleeping position in order to find as soon as possible the healthiest position in which you can fully recover while sleeping. It is also worth knowing that on our right side we are pressing the liver and on our left heart. So it’s good to change the sides where we lie.

On your back, the healthiest sleeping position

However, the best and healthiest sleeping position is on your back. This relieves the spine, neck and muscles. The legs and hands are straight and the head is slightly raised (we breathe better), we do not press our organs, we do not numb our body. The blood circulates freely, reaching the end of the limbs. Sleeping on the back is recommended for people who feel back and neck pains, because lying on the back all muscles are relaxed, which brings relief and regeneration. It also helps women with premenstrual syndrome. Unfortunately, this sleeping position is not recommended for people suffering from sleep apnea, which can lead to hypoxia. These people can sleep with an open mouth and snore loudly.