How to take care of foam mattresses? Learn effective ways

If you have invested a lot of money in your mattress or just love it over your life because it is super comfortable, you cannot imagine parting with it and want it to serve you for as long as possible, it is worth taking care of it in the best and proven ways.

How to take care of foam mattresses?

We should change the mattress every few years, 8 maximum 10. Dust, our dead skin, but also sweat, and consequently bacteria, mites, mold and fungi are collected in it. Of course we do not see this unpleasant content with the naked eye, but it is dangerous to our health. It causes allergies and various kinds of allergies or dermatitis.

Ventilating the mattress – let’s give it air

To keep our foam mattress clean and fresh it should have an airflow. When you get up, don’t cover it with bedding and blanket at once, but let it breathe for a while. It is worth taking the cover off the mattress once a week, especially if it is not made of natural fabrics. If you leave the house for a longer period of time, you can even put the mattress against the wall so that it has an air supply from both sides. But don’t do this too often so that it doesn’t bend or lose its shape.

Vacuuming the mattress

Let’s take the bedding and cover off the mattress and vacuum it once a week – the tube itself. This will clean the mattress of dust, mites and our epidermis.

Change position by 180 degrees

If you have a double-sided mattress (unfortunately not all of them have this function), change its position by 180 degrees. This will give each side a chance to get rid of moisture and “rest”. Many models of mattresses have special handles for easy turning.

Washing the mattress

Unfortunately, we can’t wash the mattress itself, but we wash its cover regularly. Ideally, it should be washed in 60 degrees. At this temperature we can easily get rid of bacteria and other germs. Going to bed in a clean bed with freshly changed and smelling bedding is one of the most pleasant and healthy things in the world.

Cleaning the mattress

Even if we take special care of our mattress, it may happen that we accidentally stain it, or our children will do it for us. One of the best home remedies for stains is water mixed with lemon juice. Remember to let the mattress dry and not cover it with a sponge after applying the specifics to the mattress and scrubbing the stain with anything.