Foam or spring mattress – which one to choose?

What better foam or spring? It’s one of those questions that has no simple answer. The choice of a mattress is a very individual issue, because each of us has a different feeling of hardness or softness. We differ in weight, height and body build. Looking for answers, it is best to go to a living room, where we can count on the help of professionals, but most of all to test the mattresses on “our own skin”. Foam or spring mattress? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by customers. It is worth finding out what are the differences between these mattresses and what properties they have.

Spring or foam mattress – which one is better?

It should be remembered that mattress technologies are still developing and manufacturers offer new solutions. Spring mattresses are not equal, because depending on the filling they behave differently. Springs are divided into bonell, pocket and multipocket.

Bonell works on the surface, which causes the larger area of the mattress to deflect. In bonell we do not encounter any hardness zones and the weight is evenly distributed over the adjacent springs. Mattresses filled with bonell springs are suitable for schoolchildren and can be found in hotel offers.

Pocket and multipocket filling is the latest proposal of manufacturers. It is characterized by so-called “pockets”. This solution will be ideal for all those who are looking for precise support in a mattress. Each spring is in a separate pocket, creating 7 hardness zones. Pocket mattresses are available with different foams: latex, highly elastic and thermoelastic foam.

  • The thermoelastic foam will give us the effect of modelling our figure on the mattress. Although it is on a spring, it is static, so it does not transfer vibrations. Ideal solution for couples, also for those where we have a big weight difference.
  • A mattress with a latex layer gives us a soft comfort layer, but we can also count on increased dynamics. On such a mattress it will be easier for us to change our sleep position. However, it should be remembered that it can transmit light vibrations.
  • The last filling is highly elastic foam, which is felt to be more rigid than other foam fillings. Therefore, when deciding on a pocket mattress with this comfort filling, we must remember that the mattress will feel much harder.